Understand Cloud Economics and Save Costs

Add valuable knowledge with a FREE TCO/OLA Analysis

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We are a leading Advanced AWS Partner

We add value to our customers with a range of services ranging from Assessment and Cloud Readiness Analysis, to Migration and Modernisation of Microsoft workloads on AWS, Storage, Backup, Disaster and Ransomware Recovery, SAP workloads on AWS, End User Computing, Data Analytics, Content Delivery, Edge Computing on AWS.

Understand Cloud Economics and save costs

Get rid of the challenges businesses face dealing with on-premises / co-location IT infrastructure, and cost-optimise by taking advantage of AWS elasticity, resilience, pay-as-you-go model, and licensing optimisation potential

Common On-premises / co-location Challenges

 On-premises IT Infrastructure

  • Can be very expensive considering that 55% of global IT infrastructure is currently idle. Stop spending resources in provisioning and maintaining hardware, as well as in long-term licensing engagements.
  • Is difficult to scale out or scale in following up your business needs.
  • Presents security and recovery challenges.
A Total cost of Ownership Analysis and an Optimisation Licensing Assessment

  • Compares the cost of running your company’s infrastructure and applications on-premises vs. on AWS, right-sizing the on-premises environment, i.e. matching the appropriate AWS instance types and sizes to the company’s workload performance and capacity.
  • Delivers your licensing cost-optimisation potential, calculating your on-premises licensing costs vs on AWS, maximising the use of your current engagements.
  • Provides modernisation and innovation ideas as well as ‘quick win’ suggestions.

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LCM Go Cloud is an Advanced AWS Partner, certified to deliver cost and licensing optimisation analysis on AWS cloud

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Add valuable knowledge with a FREE TCO/OLA Analysis.

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