Migrate your Backup Files on AWS

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We are a leading Advanced AWS Partner

We add value to our customers with a range of services ranging from Assessment and Cloud Readiness Analysis, to Migration and Modernisation of Microsoft workloads on AWS, Storage, Backup, Disaster and Ransomware Recovery, SAP workloads on AWS, End User Computing, Data Analytics, Content Delivery, Edge Computing on AWS

Migrate your Backup Files on AWS

Minimise downtime and data loss with fast, reliable recovery of on-premises applications in a cost-optimised way, using affordable storage, minimal compute, and point-in-time recovery

Common Business Challenges

 On-premises backups

  • Can be very expensive. Stop spending resources in managing backups, purchasing and maintaining redundant servers, software licenses, and storage equipment.
  • Are difficult to scale as data volumes grow.
  • Can take longer to recover.
  • Present security challenges, such as people access to data, data tampering, equipment failure, natural disasters, etc.

Migrating your Backups to AWS you

  • Optimise costs by paying only for what you use and by taking advantage of storage classes. Eliminate on-premises purchase costs.
  • Enjoy access to virtually unlimited storage, with 99,999999999% (11 9s) of durability.
  • Recover significantly faster during disasters (within minutes or even seconds).
  • Secure your data from accidental deletion, corruption, people access and tampering, natural disasters, etc.

Solution Architecture

Solution Specs & Variances

Prerequisites for the Client:

  • A valid internet connection minimum 100 mbps
  • An available VM on-premises with the following characteristics: 4 vCPU, 16 GB RAM, 80 GB attached storage (supported hypervisors VMware or Hyper-V)
  • Communication with your backup servers via SMB, NFS, or iSCSI protocols


  • For total Storage on AWS > 40 TB please contact us.
  • AWS Services consumption costs are not included in the above fees and will be quantified following the definition of the backup policy

LCM Go Cloud is an AWS Partner specialised in advanced Storage Solutions with extensive experience in Backup Solutions implementation

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