Ellaktor Group

modernises its tape backup process using AWS Tape Gateway, gains in productivity of its IT team and optimises costs

ELLAKTOR has been running its backup process supported by the Backup Application “DELL EMC NetWorker” on physical tapes as a second-tier backup to “EMC Data Domain”.

Given the disadvantages of physical tape backups the company was looking for a solution to replace the backup on physical tapes process, with a solution seamlessly integrating with “DELL EMC NetWorker” backup software, ensuring high durability and availability of the stored backups as well as high security of the backup data in transit or at rest. 

LCM Go Cloud designed a secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient AWS infrastructure to meet the specific project requirements without changing the existing company backup workflows.

The solution employs AWS Tape Gateway, a Virtual Tape Library backed by Amazon S3, and Virtual Tape Self backed by Amazon S3 Deep Archive, as well as a number of AWS security features to ensure operational excellence, performance efficiency, high availability & reliability, and cost-optimisation.

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