extends its media storage to AWS Cloud, ads to the productivity of its team and optimises costs

As all TV stations in the world, Antenna was faced with the challenge of storing and ever-growing number of video files, amounting to hundreds of TBs, which needed to be tagged and stored in a way so that they could be retrieved whenever breaking news require so.

Antenna was looking for a cost-effective, cloud based archiving solution, which supports very short retrieval times for the long-lived and rarely accessed videos. 

LCM Go Cloud designed a secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient AWS infrastructure to meet the specific project requirements without changing the existing company workflows. The solution seamlessly integrates the on-premises Video Storage Servers with Amazon S3 storage via the AWS File Gateway, delivering

- High Durability and Availability

- Enhanced Security

- Cost Optimisation via the use of Glacier Deep Archiving, and

- Higher Productivity and Efficiency

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