AWS Resilience Design, Operations & Recovery

What is "Resilience" and why it matters so much?

Resilience is defined as the capability to recover when stressed by load, accidental or intentional attacks, and failure of any part in the workload’s components. Businesses are faced with the challenge to


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Continuously validate and track application resilience to reduce outages

Evaluate resilience targets (Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective)

Identify and resolve issues before they occur in production

Optimise business continuity while reducing recovery costs

Such challenges can only be addressed by

Resilient Solutions Design

solutions capable of withstanding service disruptions by utilising resilient design patterns, building a DevOps resilience practice and implementing self-healing mechanisms based on extensive observability of business, workload metrics and AWS infrastructure health monitoring to implement built-in recovery to safeguard workload availability needs

Resilient Workload Operations

generation of meaningful insights to monitor and predict customer resilience by using modern observability best practices. Support in improving centralised operations management, incident handling posture leveraging self-healing automation, built-in best practices and integrations with your existing operations, IT Service Management (ITSM) and 3rd-party tools

Resilient Restore & Recovery

design solutions for the most critical Recovery Point in Time (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and provide operation teams automated and simplified run-books to speed up a critical environment recovery after cyber-attacks, human error or other catastrophic events

We deeply understand the Resilience challenges that businesses are currently facing and carry extensive knowledge in successfully applying AWS best-practices in Resilience Design, Operations & Recovery.

Our Business and Technical Teams can analyse your needs, design your customised solution, produce solid ROI estimates, and implement your tailor-made solution, 

Protects your data and applications

Tests continuously to improve resilience

Monitors & manages with alerts and readiness checks

Restores & recovers your data and applications

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Find out how AWS Customers have successfully addressed such challenges


GEORGIA-PACIFIC on a resiliency improvement journey, transitioned their Disaster Recovery (DR) processes from largely a manual effort to a more automated one, improving their application resiliency at scale

Using AWS services for its automation solution, cloud security company BOTPRISE saves on operational costs and reduces the time it takes to remediate security issues by 86 percent on average


​GAC​ Shipping, Logistics & Marine Services, Greece, ensures Business Continuity by leveraging AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery service

TUFTS Medicine implemented its EHR system on AWS, reducing technical debt, improving security, increasing resiliency, reducing costs, and improving caregiver and patient experience.