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High costs & poor end-user experience with on-premise VDI environments

High provision, maintenance & refresh costs of physical laptop

Improved remote productivity without compromising security

Global hardware shortages


Amazon WorkSpaces

Secure, reliable, and scalable access to persistent desktops from any location. Fully managed desktop virtualisation service for Windows and Linux that enables you to access resources from any supported device

Amazon AppStream 2.0

Secure, reliable, and scalable access to applications and non-persistent desktops from any location. Fully managed service for remotely accessing your work

Amazon WorkSpaces Web

A low-cost fully managed workspace built to facilitate secure access to internal websites and SaaS applications from existing web browsers

We deeply understand the workforce challenges that businesses are currently facing and carry extensive knowledge in successfully applying AWS End User Computing Solutions.

Our Business and Technical Teams can analyse your needs, design your customised solution, produce solid ROI estimates, and implement your tailor-made solution, 

Increased Agility & Flexibility

Increased Security & Control

Increased Reliability & Continuity

Efficiency & Cost Optimisation

Find out how AWS Customers have successfully addressed such challenges

streams complex apps using Amazon AppStream 2.0

FOX moves to remote work swiftly and securely on Amazon WorkSpaces


HoloBIM streams instant CAD application trials on Amazon AppStream 2.0

UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA uses Amazon WorkSpaces to provide flexible, cost-efficient, virtual desktops to its students