sets up a disaster recovery site on AWS, ensures business continuity, enhances resilience, optimises IT costs and achieves RTO of minutes

GAC Greece, is the country’s leading provider of integrated shipping, logistics and marine services.

Running a 24/7 business, and not affording connectivity to its apps to be down even for an hour, the company was looking for a solution, which would effectively, efficiently, and in a cost optimized way provide a DR solution with RPO of minutes and RTO or tens of minutes.

Addressing such requirements, it has implemented a DR site on AWS and currently

- protects 6 virtual machines running Windows Server operating systems, in a cost optimized way

- has minimized recovery time objectives for 12x faster recovery time than other evaluated solutions

- can add or delete servers in the DR site with a push of a button, to follow up with business growth

- can recover from a ransomware attack, with point-in-time recovery functionality

- feels secure that the DR site will be up and running, if and when, it is needed 

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