Lamda Development 

enables storing, management, searching, and sharing of tens of thousands of videos creating a Media Management Platform on AWS

Lamda Development videotapes the construction phase of the “The Ellinikon” project, generating tens of thousands of videos, of a total size expected to reach more than 300 TB within the next couple of years.

Lamda Development IT & Marketing teams realised the need for the development of a secure and durable platform for uploading, storing and categorizing of Μedia Αssets, with lifecycle management and access & admin rights to various Lamda Development and 3rd party teams, delivering to different groups of users, simplicity, ease of use, and security for viewing, searching and selecting, retrieving, sharing, and editing of videos in a highly efficient, and cost-effective way.

AWS delivered all the necessary ingredients for the development of the requested solution by Lamda Development, and LCM Go Cloud designed a microservices architecture solution augmenting the scalability, durability, elasticity, and security of AWS storage services with the simplicity and ease of use of a web user interface, engaging a number of AWS Services, such as Amazon S3, AWS Elemental Media Convert, Amazon SNS, Amazon RDS, AWS EC2, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon WorkSpaces, AWS Snowball, etc.

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