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Why is understanding AWS Cloud Economics so important?

Because companies get the most value from AWS cloud by optimising CPU cores and the required Microsoft licenses, while still maintaining high performance standards


The on-premises IT inefficiency

Consumption-based Model

Measured in terms of the amount of idle compute hours and unused storage capacity


of the global IT capacity is today idle 

TCO / OLA analysis compares the cost of running the company’s infrastructure and applications on-premises and/or colocation vs. on AWS cloud,

right-sizing the on-premises environment, i.e. matching the appropriate AWS instance types and sizes to the company’s workload performance and capacity requirements

with limited involvement from your part, delivering

We deeply understand and carry extensive knowledge of AWS Cloud Economics

Our Business and Technical Teams can analyse your needs, and assist you in understanding the ROI of a lift-and-shift exercise of your environment on AWS


Understanding of Cloud Economics

Cost Optimisation potential

Modenization & Innovation potential

What next?
Score early business wins and gain measurable benefits by running simple Quick Wins projects, while you create a sound learning opportunity for your team

Storage Extension, Backup, Disaster & Ransomeware Recovery

Protect your business by minimising downtime and data loss with fast, reliable recovery of on-premises applications using affordable storage, minimal compute capacity, and point-in-time recovery

Reliable, Elastic, and fully managed End User Computing


Easily deliver the ability to securely get work done from anywhere and from any device, for Work From Home (WFH) needs, contingent workforce teams, training and temp needs, as well as heavy engineering applications

Fast, Scalable, and Secure Content Delivery to Users

Increase your Customer Base by delivering zero latency experience to viewers around the globe and improving security with traffic encryption and access controls, with minimal or zero costs

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